Koh Samui (เกาะสมุย)


Baan Chaweng Beach Resort & Spa

90/ 1 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach Road
T. Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320

Preis ab:2591 THB (56.85 EUR)

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Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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Vom: 2018-10-01, Besuch am: 2018-09-29

Name: Dion Pieter Kets

Kommentar zum Hotel: We had a great time at Baan Chaweng and can highly recommend the hotel.

Kommentar zur Buchung: We had zero problems with the booking.

4/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 4.7/5

Vom: 2018-08-08, Besuch am: 2018-07-31


Kommentar zum Hotel: Admirable vacation with children

Kommentar zur Buchung: Admirable vacation with children

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2018-07-18, Besuch am: 2018-07-15

Name: Knut Herrem

Kommentar zum Hotel: The only thing I can complain on is that there were now possibility to see the World Cup in football in the hotell/rooms.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5 - 5/5- 4.3/5

Vom: 2018-05-03, Besuch am: 2018-04-17


Kommentar zum Hotel: personnel are attentive, polite. A food is very good. Location of hotel is magnificent, beach is excellent. Thanks for rest!

Kommentar zur Buchung: top-level work

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2017-09-28, Besuch am: 2017-09-26

Name: Mohammed ALqaydi

Kommentar zum Hotel:

Kommentar zur Buchung: Nice friendly stuff, location, room,and cleanliness. 5* my rating

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2017-07-30, Besuch am: 2017-07-27

Name: Craig a Simmons

Kommentar zum Hotel: Another great stay at this great resort,everything you could ask for,great location,excellent staff,who will do anything for you.I would highly recommend this resort

Kommentar zur Buchung: 1st class service

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2017-07-24, Besuch am: 2017-07-21

Name: Brian Kristensen

Kommentar zum Hotel: The resort is a Nice place and people are smiley and kind people. Services is High and the area is very Nice. We live in surpirbuilding and this have old door and old toilet, wifi was very pure. We cut NOT use wifi on Our 3 room, we have pay for wifi. In reception and pool area was wifi posibli but NOT good. But over all was is very good and very Nice place to stay. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: Everly thing went easy

3/5 - 4/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 3.5/5

Vom: 2017-07-14, Besuch am: 2017-07-12

Name: Ron

Kommentar zum Hotel: Great hotel in a great location

Kommentar zur Buchung: Great booking service

4/5 - 5/5 - 4/5 - 5/5- 4.5/5

Vom: 2017-07-08, Besuch am: 2017-07-04

Name: Geir Hoffmann

Kommentar zum Hotel: Excellent hotel. Perfect location, both when it comes to the beach and town, very friendly staff and clean. We had two bungalows and were traveling with two teenagers and a 2 year old. Hotel is perfect for all ages and the best location on the beach. Restaurant have great food and the breakfast is all you can expect from a 3 star hotel, even a little bit better. We have only good things to say about this hotel and if we go back to Chaweng we would stay here again. Highly recommended. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 4.7/5

Vom: 2017-02-21, Besuch am: 2017-02-19

Name: Tine Høgberg

Kommentar zum Hotel: Fantastic hotel resort with nice garden and very friendly staff. Pool area is a bit small. Very delicious breakfast.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 4/5 - 3/5 - 5/5- 4.1/5

Vom: 2016-10-04, Besuch am: 2016-10-01


Kommentar zum Hotel: Good location,perfect beach sands ,especially for kids.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5 - 5/5- 4.3/5

Vom: 2016-10-01, Besuch am: 2016-09-26

Name: Ahmed Akbar Aljaafari

Kommentar zum Hotel: A beautiful hotel with a very friendly staff. I loved my stay at Baan chewang hotel.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Excellent

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2016-09-24, Besuch am: 2016-09-21

Name: LI RUI

Kommentar zum Hotel: Very nice Resort.Great location.helpful staff

Kommentar zur Buchung:

5/5 - 5/5 - 4/5 - 5/5- 4.8/5

Vom: 2016-09-20, Besuch am: 2016-09-15

Name: Elizabeth Ross

Kommentar zum Hotel: Lovely stay. Great position. Beautiful gardens. Accommodation very nice, but bit dated. Other rooms in the resort bit dark. Breakfast- not many choices & some dishes always cold. Staff very friendly.

Kommentar zur Buchung: great without any problems

3/5 - 5/5 - 4/5 - 5/5- 4.2/5

Vom: 2016-07-10, Besuch am: 2016-07-07

Name: Craig Simmons

Kommentar zum Hotel: This was my family s 9th stay at this fantastic resort,location is the best,with all the staff ready to help with any needs you require,I would not stay anywhere else.If you would like any further info contact me on Cheers

Kommentar zur Buchung: 1st class as usual

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2016-03-24, Besuch am: 2016-03-21

Name: Susan Gay Dillon

Kommentar zum Hotel: This is my 6th time staying at Baan Chaweng Beach Resort, and it never fails to impress, from the friendly staff and service to the beautiful, spacious clean rooms. Just a few steps to the beach, shopping and nightlife. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: I always book through Sawadee, who have been easy and efficient in their booking service and their rates are the most attractive of all the sites I have checked out.

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2016-02-01, Besuch am: 2016-01-29

Name: Vivi Davidsen Roberg

Kommentar zum Hotel: Good hotel with excellent location. The main street is just 50 meters from the lobby, yet the rooms are quiet. No traffic noise, just some music from the beach disco located 200 metres away. Pool area is a bit small, but the beach is wonderful. The restaurant serves excellent food for lunch and dinner, and the breakfast is nice with lots of choices. The staff is always smiling and very helpful. This hotel is recommended.

Kommentar zur Buchung: As always, quick and fast booking service. Confirmation gets instantly back to you and payment is secure. Recommended.

3/5 - 4/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 4.2/5

Vom: 2015-07-27, Besuch am: 2015-07-12

Name: Helena Carlsson

Kommentar zum Hotel: Great Hotel at the best part of Chaweng Beach. Very friendly and nice staff especially at the restaurant. Very good food at the restaurant as well. Small bungalows and beds are very hard. Beautiful garden and over all, a very nice place. Say hello to the nice and friendly gentlemen who works at the restaurant! [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 4.7/5

Vom: 2015-07-20, Besuch am: 2015-07-10

Name: Gulnara

Kommentar zum Hotel: Everything was perfect: staff, swimmimg pool,location! My children loved Baan Chaweng Beach Resort & Spa!

Kommentar zur Buchung:

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2015-06-29, Besuch am: 2015-06-25

Name: Craig Simmons

Kommentar zum Hotel: Another great holiday at Baan Chaweng Beach Resort and Spa As per usual everything was perfect It is in the perfect position for shopping eating and the beach

Kommentar zur Buchung: No trouble at all

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5