Koh Lanta (เกาะลันตา)


Baan Laanta Resort & Spa

134 Moo 5 , Koh Lanta Yai,
Krabi 81150

Preis ab:2974 THB (65.25 EUR)

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Rating: 3.0 / 5.0

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Vom: 2017-04-18, Besuch am: 2017-04-10

Name: Nicholas Metcalfe

Kommentar zum Hotel: The Baan Laanta is in a lovely position overlooking Kantiang Bay. The grounds and pool are great, the bungalows are just ok. They re very dark and gloomy, if I was designing a bungalow I certainly wouldn t come up with theirs, but if it s just a place to sleep then you won t have a problem, if you want luxurious perfection then you might. The staff are as friendly as can be, as are some of the local cats.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 5/5 - 4/5 - 5/5- 4.2/5

Vom: 2015-12-30, Besuch am: 2015-12-21

Name: luca piccarreta

Kommentar zum Hotel: Nice structure located on wonderfull beach. Good organization and People working in resort Work to satisfy all the customers requirements. Service ok. Nice swimming pool.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - /5 - /5 - /5- 4/5

Vom: 2015-01-19, Besuch am: 2015-01-12

Name: Adam Goc

Kommentar zum Hotel: Fantastic place to stay. The staff are really friendly and very helpful and the rooms and pool area are just lovely.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Sawadee is always easy to use and reliable

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2014-05-19, Besuch am: 2014-04-28

Name: Maxwell Smillie

Kommentar zum Hotel: We were given a free upgrade to a sea view room which had a beautiful view of the ocean looking south along the beach. Clean room, paid for extra bed also and plenty of room for three of us in the room. Nice location

Kommentar zur Buchung:

5/5 - 5/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 4.5/5

Vom: 2014-01-07, Besuch am: 2013-12-23

Name: Magnus Nilsson Ahrens

Kommentar zum Hotel: The Hotel Baan Lanta is unfortunately one of the worst experience we have had in Thailand and we have been on 3 trips so far. The Quality of the bungalows are really bad. The beds are impossible to sleep in and you can not close the doors against mosquitos. They have ca 5 mm space to use to come in to your bungalow. Baan Lanta does not serve any proper breakfast. We did use 7eleven which is 3 minutes from the hotel. Should it be like this when you are paying for breakfast. Positive was the nice beach and pool area and that a favorite restaurant Same Same but different was on the same beach. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung:

1/5 - 2/5 - 2/5 - 3/5- 2/5

Vom: 2013-01-21, Besuch am: 2013-01-14

Name: Jan Manuel Uebersax

Kommentar zum Hotel: No WiFi in room, signal to low. Very good restaurant!

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 3/5 - 2/5 - 3/5- 3.1/5

Vom: 2013-01-04, Besuch am: 2012-12-26

Name: Peter Hebo

Kommentar zum Hotel: Calm and nice place up on an hill, 30 min by car from Saladan! but not the best stay!

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5- 3/5

Vom: 2012-10-09, Besuch am: 2012-10-04

Name: Wang Yong Mei

Kommentar zum Hotel: The hotel locates in a very nice and quiet beach in Lanta Island. English is not so good for all staff except for the reception manager. Do not book taxi here because the price will be higher than you may have from Krabi hotels. The sea view villa is not as good as I expected. No.1 sea view villa almost can not have any seaview. No.2 sea view villa can see a little bit. Only No.3 sea view villa can have good seaview. Food here is good compared with eating around in the small street outside. A surprising thing for me is that you can not find anyone of their staff after 10 o’clock in the evening. So you may not expect their help in the night.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 2/5 - 3/5 - 5/5- 3.4/5

Vom: 2011-11-14, Besuch am: 2011-11-10

Name: Anna

Kommentar zum Hotel: Wonderful place with nice spacious bungalows. We stayed in a pool villa which was very good. The kids loved the pool and the staff were very helpful and nice.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Worked good

5/5 - 4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 4.3/5

Vom: 2011-11-13, Besuch am: 2011-11-10

Name: Anna Sonnevi

Kommentar zum Hotel: A wonderful place with helpful and very nice staff. The beach is very good and even have some good coral on the north side. The only downside is that it can be hard to find a taxi. Stayed in a pool villa and was very satisfied with the bungalow.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Very good

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 4/5- 4.7/5

Vom: 2011-10-30, Besuch am: 2011-10-27

Name: Julia

Kommentar zum Hotel: + stylish resort with a great pool and cosy huts, nice bar - - - because of the the ajoining steet it was very noisy at night - no sleep without earplugs! - a few steps down to the beach, but the nice part was afar - you have to bring your own parasol, no shade - lousy breakfast for the value in fact we renounced one night and moved to relaxed place [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 2/5- 2.7/5

Vom: 2011-10-08, Besuch am: 2011-10-04

Name: Lu Haiyan

Kommentar zum Hotel: Design is good. My son loved the lovely pool. Lots of good restrant nearby.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 3/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 3.8/5

Vom: 2011-03-03, Besuch am: 2011-02-22

Name: Valerie Ann Millar

Kommentar zum Hotel: Lovely restaurant with beautiful view and good food but need to get to it early or reserve a table as very popular with guests from other hotels. No teabags in room, only coffee sachets. When specifically asked for one, was told that they were not provided in the rooms. For the amount of money you pay at this hotel, this attitude is not acceptable. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: Very Good

3/5 - 2/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 3.3/5

Vom: 2011-02-15, Besuch am: 2011-02-07

Name: Julie Delamotte

Kommentar zum Hotel: We stayed in one of the seaview bungalows, paid the extra to have the view and what a view it was, our room overlooked the whole beach and the beach is beautiful. Unfortunately our room also was on top of the dive centre, so we were woken up to them arriving at 7am every morning which probably wouldn t have been to bad except our room also overlooked the bar so we would be awake until the bar closed due to their music and also music from up the beach where they had a live band every night. This resort is just beautiful don t get me wrong, its tucked away in a much quieter location of Lanta but you have a 7/11 just up the street and there are motorbikes for hire at $5 per day so you can get to wherever you want to go. So overall I loved the resort and their facilities but would not stay there again because of the noise. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung:

5/5 - 5/5 - 3/5 - 5/5- 4.6/5

Vom: 2010-12-22, Besuch am: 2010-12-18

Name: Guenter Kerz

Kommentar zum Hotel: wir waren die ersten Gäste, die wohl für einen Zeitraum von 3 Wochen dort Ihre Ferien verbracht haben. Leider können wir dieses Resort auch nur für max. 2- 3 Tage empfehlen. Die Bungalows sind grosszügig und in Ordnung. Die Lage ist jedoch nicht die, welche im Imternet suggeriert wird, eingezwängt zwischen den Geschäften und dem Marine Park Resort. Da im Marine Park die Musik biss 3-4 Uhr in der früh läuft, hatten wir keine Nacht Ruhe und ab 6.00 Uhr kommen die Mopeds der Angestellen. Es besteht nur ein Strandzugang keine direkte Standlage. Wie sind daher vorzeitig abreist und haben uns ein anderes Resort gesucht. Die Leute ansonsten sind nett und freundlich. Wir würden aber in keinem Fall an diesem Teil von Koh Lanta mehr reisen. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung:

2/5 - 2/5 - 3/5 - 2/5- 2.2/5

Vom: 2010-11-11, Besuch am: 2010-10-28

Name: Kseniya Burenkova

Kommentar zum Hotel: Небольшой, очень уютный отель. В бунгало есть все необходимое. Из минусов - очень тусклое освещение и старые полотенца. Кроме того, вода была не всегда достаточно горячей. Все остальное - супер: работа персонала, пляж, на котором расположен отель, ресторан, бассейн, рядом с отелем есть 7eleven. Рекомендую отель всем, кто ищет спокойного расслабляющего отдыха. Всю неделю пребывания чувствовала себя как дома! [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: great

4/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 4.7/5

Vom: 2010-10-31, Besuch am: 2010-10-22

Name: Nicole Campbell

Kommentar zum Hotel: FAAAAAAABulous place to stay, my most favourite place in my whole time in Thailand. Had room 9 by the pool and garden. Really cute and comfortable room although very dark. Bed was great, Loved the mosquito net, air conditioning was brilliant and very quiet. Roman Blinds didn t work and i had to improvise with the toilet flush when the cistern stopped filling after a flush but only minor problems that didn t affect my opinion of the place. The staff are amazing!!!! they can t do enough for you. Felt like I was part of the family after 5 days staying there. The Shroom bar is great fun, must try the welcome drink (contains scorpion and snake...) and get Yas and Nong to teach you some Thai. The restaurant has fabulous and cheap Thai meals, the western not quite as good as westerners do it, but hey you can get western food at home!!! The massage is also very good and the Thai massage didn t feel like being being beaten up for an hour like some places can. Is at the very southern end of the Island but easy to hire a scooter to get around (make sure to wear sunscreen, especally on your hands!!). I was there for a wedding at the Pimalai next door so location was perfect for me. Lovely beach full of crabs at night but like the rest of the Island has alot of rubbish scattered around it. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: very easy, great communication and prompt contact with any inquiries

4/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 4.7/5