Chiang Mai (เชียงใหม่)


Rachamankha Retreat

6 Rachamanhka 9, T. Phra Singh,
A. Muang, Chiangmai 50200

Preis ab:9239 THB (202.72 EUR)

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Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

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Vom: 2013-02-18, Besuch am: 2013-02-13

Name: Yamin Jin

Kommentar zum Hotel: A small but elegant hotel. The courtyard looks nice. But the room is too samll and no privacy. The decoration in the room is too simple. The Wifi is not so convenient to use. The user name and password is only one time usful.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Fast response. Many choices of hotels.

3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 3.3/5

Vom: 2010-12-17, Besuch am: 2010-12-14


Kommentar zum Hotel: The hotel is really magnificent, the thoughtful and discreet staff. Everything is looked after. The hotel is a little bit off-centered in the old town but we can move easily with taxis and tuc-tuc. To recommend for a romantic stay or who do not try to go out to feet. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: easy and quality

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2010-11-30, Besuch am: 2010-11-19

Name: Simon Victor Clough

Kommentar zum Hotel:

Kommentar zur Buchung: very good

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 4/5- 4.7/5

Vom: 2010-08-19, Besuch am: 2010-08-03

Name: Elena Germann Hardij

Kommentar zum Hotel: A very nice property with beautifull garden. We had our dinner in the restaurant and we enjoi all (food, wine, service and location). We will be there again

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5- 3/5