Vom: 2017-04-18, Besuch am: 2017-04-14

Name: Atila Kaplan

Kommentar zum Hotel: Old Hotel The Hotel is Not in goog condition. The Rooms are old the bathrooms very Dirty and old. The breakfast is ok, but the Food is Not Right stored....

Kommentar zur Buchung:

1/5 - 2/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 2.5/5

Vom: 2016-07-27, Besuch am: 2016-01-31

Name: Erik de Ruiter

Kommentar zum Hotel: We first came here more than 10 years ago. Back then we really liked the hotel, but now the rooms need refurbishing. Everything is very dated in the hotel, including the pool area. Good breakfast. One big plus: the shower is the best we have ever had in Thailand, great water pressure en hot.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

2/5 - 3/5 - 4/5 - 5/5- 3.5/5

Vom: 2015-07-03, Besuch am: 2015-06-20

Name: Joanna Aldridge

Kommentar zum Hotel: I had a wonderful 5 nights staying here. My room was clean and had a great view and all staff were pleasant and helpful. The pool was great and I would not hesitate to stay here again.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Easy to book and great price

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 4/5- 4.7/5

Vom: 2013-11-24, Besuch am: 2013-11-21

Name: Jan Harthoorn


Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5 - 5/5- 4.3/5

Vom: 2013-11-14, Besuch am: 2013-11-07

Name: Jan Harthoorn

Kommentar zum Hotel: CHECKED OUT for one week only, and returned -of course-to PSK AFTER visiting Myanmar. Room was avalable Again, clean and OH i love this place. STAFF okay but ......AFTER my PERHAPS 20th visit to PSK, IT IS OBVIOUS.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 4/5

Vom: 2013-09-07, Besuch am: 2013-09-03

Name: Karl dimario

Kommentar zum Hotel: Not bad overall ,but ,Internet and wifi are not up to standard for a big hotel ,gym not available ,lady on tour desk very helpful plus bell boys ,but reception people not friendly .Because of Internet service will be not be going back as I had business commitments that where hard to attend to with such a poor service. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 3.3/5

Vom: 2013-08-11, Besuch am: 2013-08-07

Name: Low Hwee Khim

Kommentar zum Hotel: We stayed in this hotel from Jul 26 2013 to Aug 07 2013. My comments : (1) There is no free wifi as stated on the website of under the Hotel Facilities & Service. (2) There are quite a lot of dead insects on the swimming pool. (3) The superior room is big with balcony. Reasonably clean. (4) Overall reasonable price in a convenience and quiet location. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: I always book with It is instant hotel confirmation. helps me with last minutes hotel confirmation on a Sunday. Their service is fast. Thank you

3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 3.3/5

Vom: 2013-08-04, Besuch am: 2013-08-01

Name: harthoorn

Kommentar zum Hotel: We visit PSK already over 10 years. Everybody is doing his/hers utmost to satsfy the cusomer, resp us. But...........when u forget a morning WAKE UP CALL !!!!!! One Gets very, very upset! PLEASE realize that yr ENTIRE STAFF is completely professional. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 2/5 - 3/5 - 3/5- 2.8/5

Vom: 2013-07-02, Besuch am: 2013-06-19

Name: SNG Hwee Tiang

Kommentar zum Hotel: The outlook of the hotel building looks old but once we step inside, we just wow . The room is big and nice, well maintained. Swimming pool is great. Best of all, the hotel is linked to a shopping centre which have lots of nice and cheap Thai food, KFC, Subway etc as well as massage and a fun land for my 2 kids to play with a small fee.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Easy to book and very fast and efficient service. Keep it up :)

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2012-05-19, Besuch am: 2012-05-15

Name: jan harthoorn

Kommentar zum Hotel: Our 7th or 8th visit to PSK. We love the bigsize rooms (doi suthep wing), the big size pool, the roomcleaningservices ( the girls do an exellent job and the doormen.we keep on being surprised about the failure of the elevators.The reception staff is doing there best. Please Management, why are YOUR cars ALWAYS in front(the best place) of the hotel and our cars are in the back ? Please do respect your clients, it is OUR money who gives you the oppertunity to drive big cars but give yourself a modest parking-space and give your clients the space of parking there rental cars in front of the hotel ! (and.......a lot of your staff cars are doing NOTHING for days/weeks in front of the hotel.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 3/5 - 4/5 - 5/5- 4.1/5

Vom: 2011-12-29, Besuch am: 2011-12-26

Name: เกรียงศักดิ์ ศรประสิทธิ์

Kommentar zum Hotel: ห้องพักไม่มีสายชําระ

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 4.7/5

Vom: 2011-11-15, Besuch am: 2011-11-12

Name: Philip P Gell

Kommentar zum Hotel: Very happy with room. Great location next to mall. Very happy with service abd food. Great for a group travel.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Great booking service. No hassels.

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2011-09-23, Besuch am: 2011-09-19

Name: Wunna Thein

Kommentar zum Hotel: We are happy staying in a big room and water shower was excellent. Shopping mall was connected to the hotel, so good for shopping. Near to Airport and the place I need to work. It s a big hotel but I guess they should start doing the renovation. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: great

2/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 5/5- 3.3/5

Vom: 2011-09-14, Besuch am: 2011-09-11

Name: Mark E. Sherman

Kommentar zum Hotel: Older hotel, three star.

Kommentar zur Buchung: The Sawadee ad for this hotel listed free internet and a coffee maker in the room. The internet was not free, very costly, and there was no coffee maker. When I called the front desk, they rather blandly stated they would have to contact Sawadee to change the ad, and made no effort to accommodate. I checked out early.

2/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5- 2.7/5

Vom: 2011-07-29, Besuch am: 2011-07-13

Name: Palle Christiansen

Kommentar zum Hotel: Good location for the attractions in Chiang Mai. Very big hotel in connection with a shopping mall. The hotel often has entertainment in the lobby area.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 4/5 - 3/5 - 5/5- 4.1/5

Vom: 2011-07-14, Besuch am: 2011-07-11

Name: Shaul Shwimmer

Kommentar zum Hotel: the hotel is very good fror its price3 and the link to the shoping center is very comftable. breqfast is a bit low quality

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 3/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 3.8/5

Vom: 2011-05-29, Besuch am: 2011-05-24

Name: Lee Eng-Kee

Kommentar zum Hotel: Pleasant stay but room furbishing a little old. Good convenient location. Customer excelleent. Would like to stay again but jaded furbishing gives negative image.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Excellent

3/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 4.4/5

Vom: 2011-05-16, Besuch am: 2011-05-07

Name: Gabillaud

Kommentar zum Hotel: Good Hotel with many facilities, the deluxe room is big but the breakfast is not great, always the same things.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Very good no problem

4/5 - 3/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 3.8/5

Vom: 2010-11-24, Besuch am: 2010-11-21

Name: Robert Harwood

Kommentar zum Hotel: We stayed 2 nights, 1080 baht/night, and were very satisfied. The room was very large, as was the bathroom, and everything was in good working condition. Good choice for breakfast, and a large dining room. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: We booked 1 night on, and next morning told reception we wanted to stay another night. They said to contact the booking agent, because if we paid at reception it would be more expensive (1400 baht). Reception gave us the phone number of the booking agent, they sent us an email asking us to pay another night with our credit card. That was easily done, as there is a internet cafe directly opposite the hotel.

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2010-02-16, Besuch am: 2010-02-11

Name: Lucas Jason De Koster

Kommentar zum Hotel: The buffet breakfast is adequate but nothing too special, compared to other places ... though the fried dough and sweetened condensed milk was a nice touch. The lobby is spacious and comfortable, but it would be nice to have a place to watch TV (i.e., when the kids are in bed, like a pub or something), and it would be much better if the hotel would consistently provide English newspapers. Also, the live lounge music in the evening (every evening) is not that great. Fortunately you can t hear it in the rooms. But the pool is wonderful and we found the staff very helpful overall. Plus great views from the upper floors, nice to be next to the shopping centre, and lots of good small street-food shops all around. If you want cheap laundry, go across the street to the north and walk west a bit. There s a place right there on the main road, and then some others back on the sois off the main road. Price is around 20B per kg or 3-5B per piece.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Extremely helpful ... even to the point of getting a full refund when we cancelled (in advance, of course) the last few days of our stay.

4/5 - 4/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 3.8/5