Cha Am (ชะอำ)


Methavalai Hotel Cha-Am

220 Ruamchitr Road, Cha-Am,
Petchburi 76120

Preis ab:1351 THB (29.64 EUR)

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Rating: 4.0 / 5.0

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Vom: 2016-10-17, Besuch am: 2016-10-13

Name: Richard Childs

Kommentar zum Hotel:

Kommentar zur Buchung: Good

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2016-08-13, Besuch am: 2016-08-15


Kommentar zum Hotel: Very nice hotel in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. Good rooms with very nice balcony s with sea view. Pool excellent and staff very service minded.

Kommentar zur Buchung: Very easy and nice. Will use it again for sure.

4/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 4/5- 4.4/5

Vom: 2016-08-11, Besuch am: 2016-08-03

Name: LynetteJoan FISHER

Kommentar zum Hotel: A very relaxing holiday and most helpful staff.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 4.7/5

Vom: 2016-07-12, Besuch am: 2016-07-16

Name: Rungravee Blixt

Kommentar zum Hotel: Big room but very old. First night we have a flood in the room because AC water pipe was stopped. Third night again AC problem, this time it isn t work at all. We got to sleep in another room so they can fix it properly. Family room with three person but always provide all amenities for two, have to ask for it everyday. Today having problem with toilet that stopped. Hotel cleanliness need a big improv. Balcony is very dirty. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: Sawadee is always easy and helpful.

3/5 - 2/5 - 3/5 - 5/5- 3.4/5

Vom: 2016-07-22, Besuch am: 2016-07-16

Name: Rungravee Blixt

Kommentar zum Hotel:

Kommentar zur Buchung: Excellent!

3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 3.3/5

Vom: 2016-05-21, Besuch am: 2016-05-18

Name: Ute Kistinger

Kommentar zum Hotel: We have got the room Nr. 501. that ist the best room oft the hotel. Large nice furniched room, big panorama window and a very, very large terrace. Very nice helpful staff. Clean big pool with poolbar. Cocktails cost 220 Bath, one Singha Beer cost 150 Bath. Breakfast is made more for asien people, mit for European people, but everyone can find something to eat. The only negativ thing is the bathroom with only bathtube, no shower.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 4/5

Vom: 2016-04-07, Besuch am: 2016-04-04

Name: Shields

Kommentar zum Hotel: The hotel is still good value and comfortable but I feel the rooms do need some upgrading. Especially the electrical wiring for example the air con controller still showing degrees Fahrenheit units Celsius came in some 20+yrs ago. So this shows how dated the electrical system is and would not comply to todays required standards [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: Booking very good

3/5 - 4/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 3.5/5

Vom: 2015-07-20, Besuch am: 2015-07-16

Name: Jan Erik Johnsen

Kommentar zum Hotel: The water inn the pool was dirty. The staff was mot very good in english. Wery complcaded onlogging to wi-fi. Jeg

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 2/5 - 2/5 - 3/5- 2.6/5

Vom: 2015-05-14, Besuch am: 2015-05-09

Name: Jesper van den Eikhoff

Kommentar zum Hotel: We stayed at the Methavalai for the third time and have to say that the service level and quality of breakfast and food are declining. There were also (minor) issues with broken things in the room which were delt with but should not have been there in the first place. They have nice pools and the location (beach is across the road) is good as well. Our kids loved the karaoke. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: smooth as silk, as always

3/5 - 3/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 3.5/5

Vom: 2015-04-18, Besuch am: 2015-04-15

Name: Mr.Supoj Achachotipong

Kommentar zum Hotel: water drop from air condition since the first day check in

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 3.7/5

Vom: 2015-04-02, Besuch am: 2015-03-24

Name: Anita

Kommentar zum Hotel: We stayed in the old building of the hotel. The rooms are big and clean, but they need a bit of paint and new funitures and lamps (fire hasard) The beds are very hard. They have a new hotel building, and i guess that building has better standard. We had a good stay at the hotel, with nice staff. The location is very close to beach and shops. i recommend this hotel. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: I can recommend booking. Nothing to complain about, everything was as i asked for. I will absolutely use them again.

3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 5/5- 3.6/5

Vom: 2015-03-09, Besuch am: 2015-03-06

Name: Lars-Goran Bergius Sundman

Kommentar zum Hotel: The Service in the breakfastroom has been worse. The Wifi-system was not god, we have to try many times Before we can use it.

Kommentar zur Buchung:

3/5 - 4/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 3.5/5

Vom: 2015-02-25, Besuch am: 2015-02-20


Kommentar zum Hotel: Great Hotel, Great Location, staffed with excellent and super friendly staff that make even the Thais feel welcome. Would recommend.

Kommentar zur Buchung: easy

4/5 - 5/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 4.2/5

Vom: 2015-01-07, Besuch am: 2015-01-04

Name: punnee dissara

Kommentar zum Hotel:

Kommentar zur Buchung: straight forward easy to use

5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5- 5/5

Vom: 2015-01-13, Besuch am: 2014-12-28

Name: Christian Bierque de Birka de Fauville

Kommentar zum Hotel: Very good central location on the beach. Nice large room and huge bathroom with both bathtub and shower. Good free WIFI. Excellent and abundant breakfast lots of choices and daily variation. A good choice. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 4/5

Vom: 2014-09-14, Besuch am: 2014-09-06


Kommentar zum Hotel: Прекрасный завтрак. Большой балкон с видом на бассейн. Море, магазины рядом (за последнее время открыли очень много 7/11). Так как не сезон - народ отсутствовал, из русско язычных было нас двое. На всём пляже человек 10. Август-сентябрь сезон медуз!!! и москитов!!! Дожди ежедневно с 13 до 15 часов. Многие отели закрыты. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: прекрасно

4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 4/5

Vom: 2014-09-02, Besuch am: 2014-08-16

Name: F.J.J.Eimers

Kommentar zum Hotel: Het hotel is, zeker als het is vol bezet door Thaise gasten van hoge kwaliteit. m.a.w. het ontbijt is dan perfect als je van Thais eten houd

Kommentar zur Buchung: Sawadee is oké

4/5 - 4/5 - 3/5 - 5/5- 4.1/5

Vom: 2014-08-19, Besuch am: 2014-08-16

Name: F.J.J.Eimers

Kommentar zum Hotel: de service in het restaurant is minder dan vorig jaar maar het blijft een top hotel

Kommentar zur Buchung: zelfde als vorig jaar jaar ,

3/5 - 3/5 - 3/5 - 4/5- 3.3/5

Vom: 2014-04-07, Besuch am: 2014-04-01

Name: Thomas Karlsson

Kommentar zum Hotel: Very good hotel for the price You pay. Just one complain and thats the fitness room, the equipment (trademill + cross trainer) didnt work properly and it would also be very good if they could Place some fans in the room (it gets very hot after 30 minutes).

Kommentar zur Buchung:

4/5 - 4/5 - 3/5 - 5/5- 4.1/5

Vom: 2014-03-16, Besuch am: 2014-03-13

Name: Roman Estrada

Kommentar zum Hotel: On arrival, there was no welocoming smile from the reception. The deluxe room is quite large and comfortable. Basic bathroom amenities but the water in the bah tub is very low and hardly any hot waster. We need to first boil the kettle which is located in the bathroom for several times the only way to have hot or warm bath. Breakfast menu choices very limited and more catered for the Asian clients. Tea and coffee on offer are one of the worst beverages we have had from a 3 star rating hotel. The check out was rather slow due to I guess they have to check the room on check out.overall one night experience of this hotel to mildly put is enough. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]

Kommentar zur Buchung: professionally handled with just slight confusions in the booking process as my booking was booked twice due to the secured payment section. Rectified eventually

4/5 - 3/5 - 4/5 - 4/5- 3.8/5